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Camping In A Forest

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5th April 2005

9:06am: i love my boyfriend who is effing hot (O^_________^O) lol i miss him much we had our ups and downs but we're still together and i love him mucho. woh  i haven't posted in this journal in a long time.
Current Mood: calm

3rd February 2005

11:58pm: I haven't updated this in awhile....I've been thinking alot and my head's been hurting I really need some rest...I'm not feeling well...
Current Mood: scared

11th September 2004

7:22pm: I deleted some post...nothing much on my mind. Like Sam will say pASTE. (dunno what that means exactly I look it up in the slang dictionary jason so kindly gave my the site too) ^___^ bye
Current Mood: stupid

15th July 2004

1:06pm: Preparing for Santa Cruz
- Santa Cruz has a lot of guys wearing sandals
- Hope Amy Miao and Chen are my roommates (with our great view room)
- Hate Adam, Andy, and Bless for starting school later then us =P
- remember to buy the following things for school
- tape recorder, new calculator, planner, ear plugs, etc.
Current Mood: content

13th June 2004

9:47pm: *Raging Waters becoming a non-oceana event is all my fault.
*What makes a guy hot?
*Annie is so cool
*How much I love annie and gigi?
*how much am I going to miss everyone?
*How dreams of my friends will I have?

Hope people had fun at adam's party!!!
Current Mood: cheerful

19th May 2004

9:17am: Random Thoughts
Ack! I don't know what to write for any random thoughts, but the other day amy and I were writing random things:

1.) It's against Gerald's religion to talk to Amy (he's lying)
2.) OMG not much time...G2G...
Current Mood: crappy

4th May 2004

10:00am: HAHAHA
Forgot to update on any Random Thoughts during Prom
-Annie ok I said Annie is so fun.
-Jason is very nice
-Simon is mean. Mr. Barbour's girlfriend is very pretty.
-Gigi saying that Dr. Ted's family reminding him of Stuart Little's family. ^.^
Current Mood: amused

29th April 2004

9:44am: Random Thoughts
Why do I think lycee rocks?
I thought I was ready and now freakin' out
how many times i am going to cough during my presentation
how gigi's glasses don't glare as much as mines
when can i finally get contacts (darn those optometrist)
Current Mood: annoyed

27th April 2004

8:26am: Random Thought Again As Always
*Why do I hate my glasses so much?
*Robert and Amy's picture is really really cute
*Cool Gigi's friend is coming to Prom
*Pictures are worth a million thoughts LoL
Current Mood: amused

26th April 2004

8:29am: Random thought again:
- why hasn't pepsay slapped me yet?
- why is amy late/
- hoping that the visual papers aren't due today
- what time is ap prep for calculus
- happiness for finishing homework
Current Mood: (as in nothing to do)

25th April 2004

12:44pm: Random Thought:
I hate the damn senior exhibition
why did i miss the calculus practice exam
still on the hair
how to get anita to stop being mad at me for going to prom with derick
how can derick randomly guess my secret passwords and stuff and be right grrrr....
Current Mood: busy
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